UFC 230 Fight™ Card @Live™ Stream, 2018, MMA On HD TV

UFC 230 Fight Card @Live stream, Daniel Cormier v.s Derrick Lewis Watch Ultimate Fighting Championship that will be held on Nov 03, 2018

The UFC 230 notice was dropped on Tuesday and highlights heavyweight rival Derek Lewis in the lead, with safety champion Daniel Courmeyer approaching to consider and carry his heavyweight and lightweight belts.

Cormier and Lewis crashed on the roof on November 3 at Madison Square Garden in New York. The New York State Sports Commission (NYSAC) needs a simple visit to the UFC heavyweight Daniel Courmier after telling “DC” sports media. That his hand was damaged and not equipped to close the “distance”.

“This may not be the best news to break the authorized commission pulled Max Holloway from his UFC 223 championship without giving him physical, or leave aside Jessica Aguilar’s UFC Utica for drying his lips.” Our group of drugs may require more “therapeutic controls for a particular warrior when they are justified, and that’s what they do,” said Lee Park, representative of NYSAC, to MMA Junkie. This means that time is part of the perception, taking into account that the UFC 230 ceiling is less than three weeks old. It is not surprising that the commission puts its rival Derek Lewis under the microscope, as the “Dark Monster” just fought in the UFC Championship 229 in October. . 6 He took several rounds of discipline before setting up his struggle against victory for loss, causing a transitional reconciliation suspension. I know this seems at first glance like a habit, however, there have been a lot of problems with the NYSAC in the past that there is nothing insured (ask this person only). What we know for sure is that Courmier and Louis do not have much time to deal with their doctors.

UFC 230 falls on Saturday November 3, 2018 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.